Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who wants some extra wings for your MG WZCs!?

MG Gundam WZC extra wing mods Photo

I have been eyeing this Wing modification option parts for some time now... Always wanted these extra feathers for my second MG Gundam WZC. It will be a great way of pimping out the small MG Wing without the hassle of actually scratch building or designing some.

However, I think it requires a bit of modeling on the part of the buyer. The parts basically serves as a pattern for the wings which you need to trim and cut. the package consists of 2 pieces of .25mm pla plates with the basic patterns pre cut. A bit of trimming, manual cutting and a bit of intermediate modeling to make the product work.

I just realized though that I could actually get one from Hobbymate owner Edmund Teo, who is going to the MAC anniv party here in the Philippines on the 27th! I will just need to confirm the price from Edmund and hope to get this super nice extra parts soon! Here is the link to this item @ Hobbymate-

Anyways if you want some extra wings for your MG Gundam WZC like I do... you could order online @ Hobbymate OR you could confirm and place your orders in this post and get it during our party...
Place your Hobbymate and Greattoys ORDERS here...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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