Monday, February 22, 2010

AC " White Glint " WIP part III

Ello guys, after soooo much wait I finally have the " Armored Core " WHite Glint " with me. I am supposed to buy this kit here locally ( Philippines ) when my US client sent me the money ( 50% downpayment ) last month...then I told the client that it is not available locally and I would have to buy it online. I am not comfortable shedding 65 USD online coz it will be my first time to do so...even though the client sent me enough money to purchase it online. Then the client proposed to me that he could personally get me the kit online, but I would have to get him a Vanguard boost for the downpayment that he sent me in return...SO, the agreement is simple, I do him a Vanguard boost and still get payed another half of the payment, meaning he kinda shouldered the cost of the " white glint ".

was the cost of delay...the client ordered the kit at hobbyfan and we were waiting for it to arrive last January 27...when for some reason when the client checked on hobbyfan, they said that the order is delayed. SO, the client cancelled the order and bought the kit at Ebay, which will arrive around February 17. I think the kit arrived here in the Philippines around February 13, 4 days earlier. Anyways, the kit was in my local post office, which is a 50 minute drive away from my I just got the kit today.

The people in our local post office ( Philippines ) were accomodating...BUT, my brother told me that when he got a book from them, he was charged with a 25 USD custom tax. That is kinda weird, coz I thought that all taxes has already and should be paid by then...The good thing is that I work in a Media broadcasting company, so ( chuckles ) when I showed my ID when I was claiming the kit / parcel the people there did not charge me a " custom tax "...BUT, they did told me that they need to charge me a custom tax, but they could only provide an official receipt later today. I am in a hurry so I told them I need to get the kit now and I need an official receipt if they do charge me with a tax ( and unless they want to be in the weekend news, hihi ). SO, the ending is simple...I got to pay 1 USD for a whatever service fee and left the post office a happy man. hahaha

The box is not packed as good as my price in Zerogunz, but at least it was bubble wrapped. I checked the contents and they look fine though...anyways here are some pics...

Lots of parts! this is lots of fun!

The nicely designed very minimalist but elegant looking manual...

and the worn out box which travelled a lot of miles to get here and will travel more miles, once I finish the kit and send it to the US.

I have given the diorama of the PG Zeta a final wash, will decal the backpack and the gun and will be done with the PG Zeta build in a couple of days...SO, I will be working on this baby soon...if I have the time today...I will try to design a color scheme for this mech. Thanks for viewing! :)

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