Tuesday, February 23, 2010

AC " White Glint " in action!

Ello guys, my client gave me the go signal to design a custom color scheme for the White Glint. I will be designing the schemes right after I finish snapfitting it though, I need to check the kit first so that I will not do lots of masking job with the color scheme design that I will do for it. And of course I will need to ask approval from my client once I designed a few schemes.

I have a few color schemes in mind...it is a bit weird though to call it " White " glint if it has a color. hehe...Anyways, my client also gave me a couple of you tube links of the " White Glint " in action and this is also my first time to post a video link here in my blog...hope it works. Here it goes...

AC " White Glint " WIP part V
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