Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gundam 00 movie trailer III

Ello guys, I found this really interesting trailer of the upcoming 00 movie...I think the video shows the design and conceptualization meetings about the mechs and may be the characterization of the pilots. The same pilots, now a bit older have new mechs for the movie namely; Rafael Gundam ( Seravee ), Gundam Zabanya ( Cherudim ), Gundam Harute ( Kyrios ) and 00 Qan[T] ( 00 ). I do not know much about the movie but I am really interested with the gimmicks and new looks of the mechs. personally I think the mechs looks meaner and better than there previous counterparts. I am looking forward to the model kit rendition by Bandai of the Rafael Gundam in particular. Anyways here is the video...

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