Thursday, February 25, 2010

50,000 hits milestone!!!

Ello guys, I woke up early today but me and my family had to go to my daughter's school to see her perform, it is always a great feeling to see your kid perform...anyways, I am home now and was really happy and ecstatic to see that my views count has reached the 50,000 mark already! Most of my regular readers knows that I get my motivation and inspiration to improve in gunpla and do more gunpla through my views count and the comments here and in other forums. Who in his right mind would not be inspired with the idea of being able to share to a lot of people there passion. ;)

I started this blog last November 9, 2009...
right after Bakuc. I have 0 idea in blogging at that time but I had plans of producing one since after Bakuc 2008, when I luckily won as Bakuc World Champion. So basically, this blog is less than 4 months old...I only have mostly 2009 works in my gallery right now but have added a couple of kits since then. Reaching the 50k mark is really inspiring for me plus reaching it in a short span of time feels really good and absurd at the same time.

Being my first blog... I have cracked my head several times on how to create a descent one...I had to make myself comfortable fast on scripting and learned a few hacks here and there. I also had played with the colors of the blog during the previous couple of months...gladly I think I have researched enough to improve the blog and make it google friendly. I also met and made friends with other bloggers like Toymaker, chubbybots, and Janus Lu during my 3 months in blogging. I am enjoying it so much that I have cut Gunpla time during weekdays and only do Gunpla during weekends. I guess all the hard work and research put into this blog is well worth it.

And of course, THANK YOU to all who visit my blog! I am sincerely honored to be part of the 50k and up gang of Gunpla bloggers...without you, this blog would not have it's success that it is having right now. I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Keep the Gunpla fire burning everyone! and let us continue to enjoy the hobby!

THANKS everyone!!! XD
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