Thursday, February 25, 2010

PG Zeta ver DC23

Ello guys, This was my first PG build and is a commission work at that. It took me a while to finish this build, I got this kit from the client last November 22, 2009...but I worked on a hguc Zaku and a MG Acguy before working on the kit full time. I finished the hguc Zaku last December and finished my MG Acguy last January 1, 2010. So, I worked on this kit full time since January 1, though I have been working on it sparingly specially the diorama/base since December. Roughly it took me 8 weekends to complete this, quite slow in comparison to my other builds.

I posted the WIP thread
only at ZeroGunz coz I was quite busy with my blog during that time, and posting in all the forums is quite tedious for me. Anyways, it was an experience building such a complicated and huge kit, I plan to get a PG Zaku soon and give it an extreme ver DC23 treatment coz I enjoyed it so much and seeing the finished kit is really fulfilling. I also have a WIP of this build here in my blog, here is the link...PG Zeta ver DC23 WIP

I finished painting all the parts and assembled this huge kit last Sunday ( February 21 ) and I had a blast assembling and putting all the painted parts together...I decalled the backpack and the gun yesterday and gave this kit its final flat topcoat earlier today. The flat coat revealed all the details and decals added to the kit. The client wanted a black predominantly dark colored Zeta initially, but I kinda hesitated on painting this with dark grays and blacks, mainly because really dark colors will tend to hide all the detailing I usually put on my kits. So, at the last minute I decided to add clear blue and light blue to my gray mixtures, thus ending up with a bluish gray color scheme instead. I must say the color scheme turned out great, specially after giving it a flat coat. the overall look is dark and menacing but the color did not hide my detailing that much. I also hand painted the small details with gold, thus giving it a more detailed look.

I will be giving this monster to the client by Sunday ( February 28 ) and might get a PG Zaku after getting the payment. hihi...I won't be seeing my first PG by Sunday, so I took a lot of pictures today...I photoshoped the photos to eliminate the wrinkled blanket I used for the background, but I made sure that the colors is roughly accurate to the real thing. As always my photography aint that good, so this looks better in person as usual.

Now, I present to you my PG Zeta ver are 44 pics of the kit...

Thanks to my ZeroGunz family for the support and to all the visitors of my blog, thanks!!!

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