Sunday, February 6, 2011

MG Zeta WIP - more damage effects to the hangar

In my previous post I showed you how I burned the diorama to simulate how the Dom landed violently towards the hangar. Now here is how I tried to exaggerate the crashing effect by adding bits and pieces of plastics around the Dom. 

I basically glued some small pieces of plastic from balloon sticks and cheap high impact plastic sheets with Pioneer Epoxy. After gluing them in place I let it settle for an hour ( ate lunch ) and then I applied some sand over the diorama. I pressed the sand to the epoxy and brushed away the excess. We then went to a mall to buy some stuffs and I re-primed the whole thing just to see how the new bits and pieces blends with the entire thing. Now here are some progress photos...

Burned the small plastic scraps a bit to further give it a nice damaged look...

Now here are some photos of the hangar damaged floor with the Dom. I think I kinda achieved the look that I was going for. The Dom looked more like it crashed and slid towards its final position. The hangar floor looks a bit more dynamic even though the Dom is just lying around.

My progress makes me itchy to paint the diorama already, however I still have to detail the hangar walls. Thanks for dropping by! Comments and suggestions are very much welcome as always! :)

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