Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am a Gleek!

Hihi, for those people who really knows me this might seem like a joke. But yes, I am now a Gleek! I have been enjoying watching the first season with my daughters for a couple of days now while working with my MG Sazabi.

I had to cover their eyes ( my daughters ) whenever there are kissing scenes though, but it is the perfect show while your are intensely cutting pla plates or sanding. I had to pause a lot of times during the singing parts so I was a bit slowed down but I really enjoyed the show.

This is not really the place to talk about the details of the show or the characters ( coz this is my Gunpla blog ), but I really enjoyed the first season and looking forward to watching the second season now. I was never a member of a Glee club coz I was really shy back when I was a kid and had zero talent in singing and dancing but I really like the music video parts very much.

Anyways, I will have considerable amount of updates on my MG Sazabi build and will share them tomorrow when I could shoot outdoors. Thanks for dropping by. :)
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