Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bandai Model Kit World Cup 2010 Philippines - DAY ONE

I just finished uploading these gazillion photos! Dang there are I think 90+ entries back at Bandai Model Kit World Cup Philippines today! 40 + entries joined the New Challenger Category, 20+ entries who joined the Professional Category, 10+ entries in the Junior Category, a handful of entries ( maybe around 3 - 4 ) in the group category and 4 entries in the Expert category! Not really sure with the numbers but those are rough estimates.

The quality of the entries vastly improved in comparison to last year! I mean it has constantly been improving since the first time I joined which was Bakuc 2008... but I really like all of the kits I saw today. All sorts of creative mechas from all the participants.

I am really excited for the results of the Pro and Junior Category and even the New challenger category. Most of them our good friends from Facebook and our MAC forums! I have my bets though they are bias bets... so to keep it fair to the participants whom I do not know, I will just post random photos of the kits that I was able to shoot before my camera's batteries ran out. I present to you the kits in this year's Bandai Model Kit World Cup Philippines!

edit* I am really tired now, I might edit this post tomorrow, it was a 2 hour drive from the venue to my place... dropping to bed now! Goodluck again to ALL the partcicipants! You are all winners in my book already! :D

Thanks for dropping by! Goodluck to all the participants and see you tomorrow! XD

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