Sunday, November 7, 2010

BMKWC 2010 Philippines day two coming up later!

I slept early yesterday after day one of the event... too tired coz I brought my wife and kids. The kids had fun, they saw looooooot's of Gundams. Afterall my youngest, the little boy calls me " Daddy Gundam " and he was overly excited after seeing the 9 foot tall Exia in front of the venue. I won't be bringing my kids ( much to their dismay ) today ( day two ) coz it's going to be really busy later. Awarding ceremony later at roughly around 4 pm!

Anyways, I will be taking more photos of the entries today. My camera batteries ran out an hour before MatX arrived so I was not able to take photos of a handful of entries including his entry. I am btw in the Expert category and there are only 4 participants including Nathaniel Barrera, the best Filipino modeler around IMO.

Kinda excited to compete with " the guy " but the Expert category is simply just a courtesy category for the old winners ( Thanks to Bankee and Bandai ). I am a ton more excited to share with you and upload photos of my " the Gilgamesh project " tomorrow morning than for the results of a category with 4 participants. hihihi

Highlight of the event goes to all the PRO and Junior Pro category participants. We will know later today who will represent the Philippines to the World Championships at HongKong! I am overly excited for all those guys as most of my friends and MAC forumers are contestants. Afterall, Eduardo Quirong is last year's Junior Pro World Champion back in BAKUC HongKong 2009.

There are a handful of kits that I saw yesterday that I really like! I do not know the modelers though, thus I am saving my biases later after the results. Goodluck to all the participants later! But I am rooting for the MAC forumers a little more in this event! See yah later! :D

Needless to say... most MAC and GMAC likers at Facebook are MAC forumers. Goodluck guys! hihi :D
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