Saturday, February 6, 2010

Page Tabs on my blog site at last!

Hello Guys, I was able to add page tabs to my blog at last...I got the idea from chubbybots wordpress site. It is a nifty and tidy feature on the bottom of my header in which some static pages are placed, basically giving a few features of the site its own page. I love it, it saved a lot of space and made my blog look less cluttered. Below is a sample of how my GUNDAMS page looks like...I really love this new feature...

Of course I still have my Gundam thumbnails on the sidebar, but my tutorials, my extras and other former sidebar widgets like the Gunpla of the Year and the fellow mech artists are now on the page tabs feature. My blog still looks cluttered, but because of this feature it is less cluttered I think...hehe, here is the link on how I did it for my blog:

Blogger Buzz: Create Pages in Blogger

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