Saturday, March 22, 2014

Full Armor 78 1 Gundam WIP - all pinned

Just finished pinning all of the parts of this beautiful resin kit. I am loving Omar aka Aor_or_die as I move along this build. It looks so dang handsome even in its unpainted stage! This GSB Masterwork Full Armor 78 1 Gundam is the most beautiful kit I have ever laid my hands on.

I think this huge bugger deserves a better base. A simple custom base should be better than the one supplied with the kit. There is a bit of warping on the v-fin and the bazooka, but I personally think they are kinda negligible. I de-warped them already with warm water but I am afraid i might do damage than good.

I am also thinking of putting a bit more details on the kit. Maybe a few custom panel lines and some of my usual holes will do. Will see later how it looks like primed. Besides its easier to add panel lines over a primed kit as you can see it better. 

Anyways here are a few more photos of this beautiful kit.

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