Saturday, March 22, 2014

Custom Bases Primed!

The title of my post is correct. I manage to finish and prime a couple of custom bases for my ongoing builds. I primed the custom base of my 1/144 Gaddess and my FA 78 1 Gundam resin kit.

I wanted to slap more pla plates on both bases as I was having fun cutting them. It has been a long while since I cut small friggin pla plates and almost forgot how fun they are.

I was working to achieve the super textured and detailed look of Star Wars ships but decided to prime the bases already as I think I could produce more textures through painting. Besides they are just bases. :)

I think the FA 78 1 Gundam resin kit looks better with his custom base than the base that came with the kit. Not really sure if I want to paint these bases tomorrow as I have other backlogs to revisit or resume work.

Anyways here are more photos of my usual custom bases primed!

Thanks for dropping by! Until next post guys! Just enjoy the hobby! :)

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