Friday, March 21, 2014

What is the best value G-System resin kit?

G-System-172-RX-93-Hi-Nu-Gundam Photo

The photo above is one of the masterpiece of good old friend Matt Tomczek. The kit is the G-System-1/72-RX-93-Hi-Nu-Gundam.

I am actually enjoying putting up polls in the sidebar of this blog. Kinda fun seeing your votes slowly pile up. Kinda reminds me that actual people are visiting my humble free website ( insert giggle here ). So I have another poll that I would like to see answers.

What is the best value G-System resin kit?

So what do you think guys? I am thinking of finally getting a resin kit for myself this year ( 2014 ). I am currently enjoying working with resin as I pin and hopefully paint my first ever resin which was a gift by good friend Omar aka Aor_or_die.

I think I could afford to at least get one every year. Besides I bought 5 bikes last year ( total of 240,000 php ) so sneaking one of this behemoth at least once a year during maybe my birthday or Christmas sounds reasonable ( I hope wife never reads this post ). Besides I could never join Bandai competitions anymore anyways ( at least the level or category that could get me to Japan ).

So I think I might start buying these kinds of kits starting this year. So help me out what would be the best value G-System kit that I might like out there? What should be my first G-System resin kit?

Hope you help out by answering in the poll at the sidebar... or better through comments in this post. Thanks in advance! Thanks for dropping by! Until next post guys! Just enjoy the hobby! :)

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