Sunday, March 6, 2011

Toymaker versus DC23 face-off WIP - big butt done!

As I've said, I can't really do much Gunpla during weekdays this month. My friggin' work schedule simply does not allow me too even hook up in Skype. However, I was able to apply some epoxy on the corners of the butt that needed some repair as seen in my previous post.

I was also able to successfully add a LIP around the edges of the whole butt. I simply forcefully glued a 3mm square Tamiya pla rod around the edges and applied epoxy with my fingers in between the butt and the square rod. After letting the epoxy cure for 3 days, I then sanded the square " lip " to make it round and also sanded the corners.

Their are still a few errors on a few parts but nothing a nice couple of layers of Tamiya putty would not fix. I also had to bore the holes for the Kotobukiya parts as I reinforced the innards with a thick layer of Epoxy. I highly doubt any modeling stress would deform this really hard shell of pla plates and epoxy now.

I apologize for the crappy out of focus photos as my camera is with my sister in law. This is the very same reason I cannot show some Zeta updates today but will surely take photos for tomorrow's update as I will have my camera by then. Anyways, here are a few more crappy shots of my butt...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next update! :)

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