Saturday, March 5, 2011

Partied with my kids today

This post has NO Gunpla thingee whatsoever, but I always like putting my kid's photos in my archives. My son always roams around my blog looking at their photos before heading to everyday. Yeap my 3 year old son could open the computer on his own and get to his fav sites. Maybe he could also be a blogger one of these days...

Just got home from a kid's party and I am so tired will just do Gunpla first thing tomorrow morning. I met up with my kids and wifey after work today around 1 pm and fetched them from a nearby mall. We then rocketed to the party around 2 pm and hanged out in the party room for an hour before the activities started.

The kids were treated to gallons of ice cream, kilos of hotdogs and bags of french fries. There were also some games and a cool magic show for the kids that I enjoyed as well. After the party we then stayed in the venue for a couple more hours, the kids rode some rides and ate some more hotdogs!

It was a fun family day but it sure was tiring! I then have to drive almost a couple of hours to home... Anyways here are a few more photos of the half day bonding with the kids...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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