Friday, March 4, 2011

G-SHOT - Gundam Australia Forums People's Choice!

The G-SHOT Gunpla photo competition is over now and Gundam Guy has shipped the prizes to all the winners. However as I have mentioned in my previous G-SHOT posts, all the judges did all the preliminary and final judging inside Gundam Australia Forums ( GAF ).

The section where ALL participants were judged was in a secret section called G-SHOT Judges Area. Only all of us judges were able to access the area during the competition. However Adam Sonar the creator of GAF has now opened the Judges Area to all the members of the forums.

If you are interested in how we selected and voted for all the 5 winners and if you are a GAF member, you could check out the Judges Area and you could also select your top picks or winners for each category. The top choices will then be the G-SHOT  >>> GAF People's choice!

Now be sure to log in with your GAF account before clicking the link... here is the Judges Area guys...
G-SHOT - GAF Judges Area

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