Thursday, March 3, 2011

G-SHOT! 2011 Revisited & Appreciations by Gundam Guy

I just finished reading Gundam Guy's wrap up post of G-SHOT 2011 and I must say I am looking forward to next year's competition already! As most of you know, I am one of the 5 judges who got to select our 5 winners ( one in each category ) out of roughly around 500 entries around the world wide web.

This was a successful event as we were treated to so many beautiful builds from new modelers and old veteran modelers alike. I have said my thank yous to G.G. a hundred times but as I always tell him... It was my honor to be part of this great event. Thanks a ton to G.G. for giving me the opportunity of being a judge in this online Gunpla competition.

Actually Gundam Guy's thank yous and links to my humble free blog and our MAC forums is more than enough... BUT a free MG of your own choice is always a welcome addition to solidify the brotherhood! hahaha. Thanks in advance for the free Master Grade man!!!.

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