Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Toymaker versus DC23 face-off WIP - big butt!

As most of you know I am not good in scratch building, It was a bit of surprise for me though that I kinda pulled off at least the basic shape of the main part of my The O II conversion. I think more or else I was able to get the shape I was aiming for. I just need to pile pla plates or put putty on the damaged corners and sand it smooth and curvy. A visible crack on both sides will also need some reinforcement on the inside and a bit of putty work outside.

The main obstacle of the but is the big hole that I was luckily able to achieve. The layers of .5mm pla plates I added last night was able to make the shell really strong and thick on some of the crucial curved areas. I was aiming for the hole for the main engine block at the butt, much like what you see in the photo below...

Now here are a few more photos on how I as able to achieve the hole for the main engine block...

First I bored large holes on the corners coz I do not want sharp corners in this build. I think I will be sanding down any corners so that the overall look is nice and curvy. After drilling the large holes, I sort of connected the dots with my Tamiya scriber and sawed it off. I was really afraid while I was doing this as the butt might lose it's curves once I have removed a significant amount of support.

Gladly all those layers of .5mm pla plates that I layed down hardened to form a thick 2-3 mm shell at the most crucial parts. The shell retained it's shape even after I have remove the hole where the main engine block will be placed. Voila! I have the main shape and the biggest scratch building hurdle of my The O II conversion is done.

I will be leaving this butt as it is as I will work on the MG Zeta now. Plus one of the main features of this build is the butt, thus I do not want to rush and finish early. I also need to research a bit further on how I would do the engine blocks, the details underneath the butt and the detailing and modifications of the butt itself.

I will now sit back and wait for Toymaker's first update. ;)

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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