Monday, March 7, 2011

BFG of the MG Zeta - primed and ready for painting!

Just a super quick post before continuing my work on the Zeta itself. I have added small pla plate strips on some areas of the gun and primed it yesterday. I have also checked for errors and saw a lot on the Wing Zero Rifle, I then did some putty work on the rifle and also re-sanded some areas with nub marks.

The photos shows the gun after its 2nd priming coat. All errors have been checked ( I think ) and the gun is clean now. I loved primed kits, noisy super detailed modifications looks cleaner and a lot less noisy when primed. Anyways here are a few photos of the primed BFG for the Zeta...

I am currently working on adding more small details on the Zeta as my client wants it super detailed. More holes, pla plates and pla plate strips coming up soon. I should finish this today, though I doubt if I still have the sun for photos later...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next update! ;)

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