Sunday, January 9, 2011

my BMKWC 2011 entry!!!

Pardon the quality of the pics as I have no choice but to take photos indoors as it is raining today.

I just finished snap fitting and taking photos of my new MG The O! Halfway into the snap fit I decided that  this kit will be my entry for this years Bandai Model Kit World Cup 2011. I then took a lot of comparison photos with my other kits and some detail shots that will be used for the before and after mod comparison pics. Though I think there is little need for before pics as I plan to super modify this anyways.

The kit is beautiful! It is the biggest MG - volume wise out in the market right now. It has pretty sturdy joints and a very straight forward build. It only took me around 5 - 6 hours snap fitting this and one could further appreciate the engineering put into this build if you have built an old MG Sazabi.

The legs and arms are surprisingly very posable and the waist even has some slight articulation. Hefty price aside, the kit is a very wonderful addition to any display cabinet as it is very huge and the yellow / yellowish color of the armor parts paired with the gun metal luster of the internals makes this kit a definite stand out.

Personally I think the kit is a little overpriced, Overpriced at around 500 to 1000 pesos ONLY though.  So I advise waiting for a year or so when the price is a bit lower... I would definitely get another one of this kit in the future. The only really negative aspect of the kit is that the hguc the O has 4 light sabers and this MG only came with 2.

I do think the price of the kit is very much justified if you plan to super modify it... As I've said countless times in my older posts, I plan to use this MG The O to produce a The O II or The Hauer as my BMKWC 2011 entry. Now here again is The O II sketch art and tons of photos of the kit...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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