Sunday, January 9, 2011

my The O II color scheme...

I saw this magnificently painted kit at Mecha Workshop a while back. Unfortunately I could not credit the modeler who did this as I cannot find any names in the post. As all of you know, I did an experiment last year and see if an entry without loud colors and has rough weathered finishing could win in a contest like Bandai Model Kit World Cup.

The experiment yielded interesting results. Prior to my The Gilgamesh project last year ( 2010 )... I always played it safe in terms of finishing and weathering. I always thought that only clean flawless painted kits  with loud shouting color schemes, wins in big Gunpla competitions and that heavily weathered kits with realistic color schemes does not stand a chance.

However, my The Gilgamesh project not only won in the expert category, it actually scored 290 points out of 300 points from the judges. Thus now, I am confident that entering a heavily weathered kit with a loud yellow color scheme will definitely have a chance if not a better chance in this year's 2011 BMKWC. The current BMKWC World Champion won with a heavily weathered and battle damaged kit after all.  :)

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