Sunday, January 9, 2011

G-SHOT - 1st round elimination

I just finished selecting my top entries in each category at GAF. A bit of a task as their are gazillion entries in 5 categories. The Straight Build category has so much entries and most categories have pretty competitive builds. The 1st round elimination was a daunting task, as we have to select our top entries to narrow down the selection after January 22 2011.

I think there could be 2 or 3 more elimination rounds before we could come up with the most deserving winner. This is the World Championships in Photos guys! So keep those entries coming as G-SHOT is getting bigger as the weeks go by! Here are the links again to G.G.'s Facebook page and some photos I randomly selected while judging earlier today...

Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see your entries at G-SHOT soon! :)
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