Tuesday, December 7, 2010

original caricature avatar at last!

Alas! I was able to create a character for my blog! I did this in the office using Adobe Illustrator CS5 and added the background in Adobe Photoshop CS5. I am not that comfortable in Illustrator, though I know the basic stuffs to be able to pull off something like this. I love the new features of the AI CS5 though... great stuff!

I have used a lot of avatars, my current one is the Nightmare before Christmas skull head which I really like coz I love skulls! I also liked my Lil' Robert  ( want a link ? ) character, though it is too infamous to use now. So I am really happy I came up with a simple original character that I could use as my avatar.

The character pretty much sums up how people in general knows me. I am a Filipino so I used some sandals and a Filipino flag. I have around 3 MAC shirts and a couple of DC23 shirts, so I used it in the character as well. I used my Kampfer as helmet coz I think people who does not know me might recognize the yellow Kampfer. And I made the character with its tongue out... well I just like it saying " BELAT " to others. hehe

Anyways, thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)
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