Thursday, December 9, 2010

37 inch of blogging fun!!!

I have been figuring out how to set up this DVI to HDMI cable that my officemate ( Earl Roman ) lend me for a couple of days now. Alas! for some reason I managed to make it work without doing anything! I mean, I turned on the tv then turned on my laptop and voila! 37 inch of blogging and Facebook right up to my face!

Dang, the photos are so clear, the texts are very sharp and the colors more vibrant than my Macbook Pro can offer. This is insane! my Gilgamesh ( MG Sazabi ) looks like a 1/20 resin kit! Love it! SD kits are as big as a jar! My 3 year old boy and my 2 daughters will enjoy Y8 later when they wake up like never before!

Woot! I will enjoy ... ahem, ahem ... a lot more with this! hehehe
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