Thursday, December 9, 2010

my TOP10 tools for Gunpla

I have here another topnotch highly reliable TOP10 list of the most used Gunpla tools for any modeler. Kidding aside, here is my list for any new modelers who are just starting to buy tools for this hobby. When I was a beginner and I only had a couple of beginner friends back in 2008 ( not yet a member of any forum ), we kinda bought some unnecessary tools that I still do not use up to this day.

So I thought of creating this simple list for beginners so that they would only buy the tools needed for the job. I think that 1 to 4 is the basic tools that any modeler needs to start the hobby. And numbers 5 to 10 are the tools you need when you start to sort of level up and you want to fix seam lines and modify your kits already. Now here is my unbiased ( hehehe ) and highly dependable list of tools you need for Gunpla...

1. Art knives and cutters 
- used primarily to trim excess nub marks after cutting with a side cutter.

2. Side Cutters 
- used for trimming of parts from it's runners. I also use this for quick trimming.

3. Sanding files 
- used for filing stubborn nubmarks, for reshaping parts and clean up of sawed up parts.

4. Sanding sponge or Sandpapers

 5. Pinvises and drill bits

6. Tamiya Thin and Normal Cement 
- used for seam line removal and any gluing job

7. Tamiya plastic scriber 
- I use this for cutting 1mm and thicker pla plates.

8. Hasegawa needle point scriber 
( silver tool ) - I use this for scribing panel lines.

9. Steel Rulers 
- serves as guides when cutting pla plates.

10. Hasegawa Micro Saws 
- very fine thin saws for beautiful cuts.
Hope you find this useful! Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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