Monday, December 6, 2010

BMKWC 2010 Singapore winners!

Results of the BMKWC Singapore is also out! I saw this earlier at ZeroGunz posted but Kenny Lim aka Toymaker. Their group entry the " Trinity " won in the Group Category as expected :). BMKWC Singapore featured so many good entries this year.

Honestly, I think everyone are winners based on the sheer quality of all the entries alone. Great stuffs! I have here the top 3 winners of the Open PRO category and like BMKWC Malaysia, I think Singapore does not have an expert category this year. Anyways, here are the winners...

The rest of the results is in this thread posted by Toymaker...
BMKWC 2010 Singapore winners at ZeroGunz

2nd runner up

1st runner up


Congratulations to all the winners! World Championships is nearing and all the champions will soon meet up at Hong Kong! great stuff ahead of in the finals this year! I have my bets already but will just wait for the official results after Christmas! Goodluck to all! :)
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