Friday, March 28, 2014

Zaku Hangar Diorama Layout - Digital Sketches

Zaku Hangar Diorama Layout Digital Sketches Photo

I am still at work but I am so eager to work on my 1/48 Zaku hangar diorama already!

I can never do Gunpla in my office as it is too messy ( plastic dust and the smell of thin cement ). Although I have my own spacious cube, I can only display kits but never work on them. So I thought of drafting my Zaku hangar diorama in my computer. Actually I did some sketches in my notebook earlier today but I think my sketches are too rough to understand.

Zaku Hangar Diorama Layout Digital Sketch

Anyways, I was cracking my head the whole day for a layout that should look a bit unique. I understand that hangar dioramas are overplayed and so many has done good hangar dioramas already. I want a hangar diorama that is not too boxy like the traditional and classic layouts ( see this classic layout by Nathaniel Barrera circa 2005 ). I was even thinking of copying Ronnie Phoon's diorama which is sort of a reclamation of a broken down Zaku.

Reclamation dioramas will offer me creative ways for layout and placement and can have so many different settings ( desert, ocean, underwater, moon base ). But I always wanted a traditional basic hangar diorama for my display cabinet. No concepts whatsoever, just plain and traditional maintenance diorama for my 1/48 Zaku. So I ended up with the design and layout as seen on these photos.

Now I present to you my Quarter View Hangar Diorama! This Layout is basically your basic hangar diorama. The major difference is that the walls and the whole layout are tilted to the left side a bit. The main base for the diorama will be square as usual, but the walls will be angled to show a quarter view of the hangar cross section and of the main kit ( 1/48 Zaku ).

Hopefully this layout will create a different look for a traditional hangar diorama and should give more depth to the whole piece. Searching for creative ways for a hangar diorama for a couple of weeks now and I think my simple layout should look a bit different than what others have done in the past.

I will be filling it up with catwalks, ladders, cranes and bridges in the actual execution, but at least I now have a guide for the basic angles and layout of the my project.

I hope I did not waste your time with this post. I am just too excited to share my idea. Thanks as always for dropping by! Until next post guys! Just enjoy the hobby! :)

Zaku Hangar Diorama Layout Digital Sketches Photo

Zaku Hangar Diorama Layout Digital Sketches Photo

Zaku Hangar Diorama Layout Digital Sketches Photo

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