Friday, March 14, 2014

1/144 Gaddess WIP 031414

So here is my very first WIP this 2014. I started work on this 1/144 Gaddess kit way back last year. I never felt it was ready for painting as it still lacks some more detailing. 

I added more pla plating on the side skirts, a huge fin ( my usual style ) on the head and some pla plates on the base. I think I am still a long way as it still looks too plain for me. 

I also need to fill up those holes ( usual for 1/144 kits ) in some of the parts and add more details all over the kit and the base. I plan to hand paint this and weather it with Vallejo acrylics hopefully soon.

I like the original color scheme very much but will try to give it a custom more realistic scheme that would serve as a nice base for weathering. Anyways below are more photos so far... 

Thanks for dropping by! Until next post guys! Just enjoy the hobby. :)

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