Friday, March 14, 2014

Why MG Sazabi ver Ka?

The MG Sazabi ver Ka is winning in my poll ( see sidebar ) by a very wide margin over the other choices. I love the Geara Doga and I have a pending commission Z'gok, so it is probable I'll get those kit anyways.

I find it intriguing that you ( my beloved readers and friends ) wants to see me work on the new version of the Saz. The result of the poll made me check out reviews of the kit though.

Modifying and detailing Bandai master grades and real grades these days are a challenge. They look so dang good out of the box. You need not paint them or detail them to look good. The different armor color shades makes the kit look complicated.

Obviously Bandai has incorporated design ques from its competitions. There is just very little to do to make new kits look good. But then again, that is the challenge. So I gladly accept the challenge! Would love to get my hands on the new MG Sazabi ver Ka soon! 

Thanks for dropping by! Until next post guys. Just enjoy the hobby! :)

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