Sunday, March 24, 2013

DC23 mecharts fixed and repaired!

Much apologies to the visitors of this old blog site. I have neglected this site for a long time since I left the hobby last year. I have not updated the galleries or tutorials for a long time and due to the changes in the blog / site name ( / ) the past few years... some links got broken.

Again much apologies to everyone. Great news though! I just fixed all ( hope so ) broken links within this site and have given it a new brighter look to boost. I also re-installed the Cbox ( chat box ) at my sidebar for quick inquiries. And I am sticking to the old blogspot name this time around. Too lazy and broke to buy domain names every year.

As I am so fond of posting quick snaps at my Instagram account these days, I have also added a cool widget on top showing my recent Instagram photos. I will also be working on another blogger site soon that would feature very good up and coming modelers. So stay tuned guys! Have fun and just enjoy the hobby! :)

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