Sunday, March 17, 2013

GSB Masterwork Full Armor Gundam review

I have here the unboxing of my GSB Masterwork Full Armor Gundam. This beautiful 1/100 Gundam resin kit was a gift from Omar aka Aor_or_die of Italy, back when he visited us in the Philippines in 2011.

I have a couple of gunpla commission works to do, but I think I need to get the feel of handling my tools again before working on those commishs.

This GSB Masterwork Full Armor Gundam resin kit should practice me on how to file and use my art knife again. I will be cleaning up the pieces today and hope to pin them as well.

So on with my quick unboxing review...

Basically you get a ton of stuffs for such a small box! You get a couple of 3r sized photos of the painted kit, a couple of sheets of instruction manual of sorts, a large sheet of water slide decals, and 6 bags of solid resin pieces.

The parts does not have bubbles and has very fine details. The large chunks are so fun to hold as they are pretty heavy and the small parts feels so sturdy and solid as well. You need a bit of clean up with the resin sprues and a bit of filing along the contact areas, but overall this is a very fine 1/100 Gundam resin kit!

Stay tuned guys! Thanks to Omar for this superb kit! Til' my next post guys! Just enjoy the hobby. :)

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