Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Custom Z'gok verDC23 up next!

So let's get started! Research time for my first commission work after retirement. This is my "coming out of Gunpla retirement project"! A Z'gok!

A local ( Philippines ) client asked me to commish a custom Z'gok for him that would look very version DC23. The catch is to get crazy on a MG kit without much limitations.

I am not a kitbash modeler... So the kit would not look like a combination ala transformer sort of look. My style would be over detailing of surfaces and this should have a weathered finish once done.

My google research did not yield much results... So I guess I am off to the drawing board. Will have to get the kit soon to get the feel of what to do with it.

The Photos below are pretty handsome looking references of a custom Z'gok...i should be able to create something original with this old master grade kit soon. Stay tuned guys! :)

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