Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cleaning up my Gunpla workbench...

I am halfway done cleaning up and setting up my Gunpla tools, workbench, work area, display cabinet and kits. So dang tired at this point but have to move on to start on a practice kit or miniature by weekend.

The sad news is that my airbrush is broken and all dried up, most of my supplies like cement and a few paints are all dried up too! And a few tools are rusted! Oh well, it's fun collecting tools anyways.

It's very fun to see my old unbuilt kits and some other stuffs given by old friends from all over. I do not know where to start as I have sooooo many kits. Maybe I could start painting a small miniature just to get things started.

Anyways, will clean up more kits and tools after this post. Stay tuned! :)

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