Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cosplay back in 1999 UP Lantern Parade

I saw this yesterday at Facebook, was tagged by Nemcy Cruz the owner of the photos. Great stuff! overly nostalgic photos with lots of familiar faces. Some I still know, a few I kinda forgot the names already. I highly doubt any friend after college would or could spot me in any of the photos. I was like a 130 pounder back then.

This is basically the annual Lantern Parade in the University of the Philippines ( UP - Diliman) every December. The Lantern Parade is a lantern making competition amongst all the Colleges in UP, a competition except for the College of Fine Arts. Our college participates annually as a hall of famer since who knows when as we always win in the said competition. Who could beat the College of Fine Arts in a Lantern Making competition anyways... College of wah??? ( hihi ).

However, this is the exact year when the College of Fine Arts cannot supply materials ( Bamboo sticks, paper and such ) due to a financial thingee. As I remember it back in December 1999, the students were told to shoulder all the materials needed to participate in the event and to ease the burden of spending too much on materials, the College told us not to do lanterns but just participate by doing costumes which is obviously a lot cheaper.

My costume back then was not the Gundam... mine was a bit stupid, but we had a blast back then. 11 years after the event, all these images were blurred - slowly fading memories already. Well,  until I saw these old pictures from Nemcy Cruz. Ahhhh, memoirs of my carefree college years in the University of the Philippines, Fine Arts... 

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