Sunday, December 5, 2010

best Art Knife in town!

I just bought the BEST art knife in town! For those handful of people who really follows my blog, I broke my Tamiya design knife while I was working with a diorama. Tamiya design knives are expensive  though, thus I settled to use my old X-Acto knives for a while.

I do not claim expertise in art knives though I have been using all sorts of these precision cutting tools even the swivel types for 15+ years now. I have been using this tools for Gunpla for almost 3 years only but I do cut a lot of pla plates to say the least.

Anyways, let me compare X-Acto knives with Tamiya design knives and why I love my Tamiya over the normal X-Actos. Tamiya design knives are thinner than X-Acto blades, thus they cut through Gunpla better than X-Actos. Their thin blades smoothly cuts through plastic unlike the thicker X-Acto blades which always leaves white marks on the plastic.

Tamiya design knives does not corrode as fast like X-acto blades does and thus Tamiya blades stay sharp longer than the X-Acto variety. The smaller Tamiya blades are easier to handle for precision cutting unlike the bigger X-Acto blades which are only good for trimming.

Basically, IMO... Tamiya design knives / blades are made for precision cutting and X-Acto knives / blades are perfect for general trimming and cutting only.

HOWEVER, Tamiya design knives are way too expensive. They cost around 600 to 800 Php ( not sure ) while X-Acto knives costs only around 200 Php. Thus, I found the BEST art knives in town today!

The NT cutter D-300P Art Knife!

Why is it the best art knife? I have around 30 pieces of Tamiya replacement blades in my tool box and they work perfectly with the NT cutter. Actually the Tamiya design knife and the replacement blades are manufactured by OLFA. So if you could find an Olfa knife handle that is compatible with these small blades...then that is the perfect Art Knife. hehe

The D-300P costs 207 Php only and it came with 10 new replacement blades and a cap. I love the size of the handle and the slight texture on it that will reduce slippage much like the grooves on the handle of the Tamiya design knife.

The rest of the photos shows you the whole story... btw, X-Acto blades are made in the US, Olfa, NT cutter and Tamiya are all made in Japan. ;)

Now if you have the D-300P NT precision cutter, you could buy the Tamiya replacement blades to use with it. Getting replacement D-300P is better. That is if you find some coz they are more difficult to find than the Tamiya replacement blades.

The Tamiya replacement blades costs around 200+ Php and it contains 50 new 30 degree angled blades!
So again, grab a NT cutter precision blade and buy the Tamiya replacement blades for it. ;)

Hope you'll find this post useful... I am off to cutting pla plates now. ;D

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