Sunday, December 19, 2010

BAKUC finals 2008 Flashback!

My previous post of Gundam Expo 2010 HK that I got from GG made me itchy to post this 2 year old photos of my experience at the same event back in 2008. It is really fun and nostalgic to see these old photos as I never posted them here in my blog before. I only started blogging last year ( November 2009 ) thus these are new old photos in my blog.

Obviously Bandai Model Kit World Cup ( BMKWC ) was called Bandai Action Kit Universal Cup ( BAKUC ) back in 2008. Much to my surprise back then, BAKUC was not the main event... It is the final event though, but it is only part of their annual Gundam Expo.

Now let us see a few of my old photos of the Gundam Expo 2008...

I think the MG Sinanju was not yet released back then, so seeing this in person was an instant wow!!! It is up to now the most handsome Zeon MS Master Grade to date.

Masked BAKUC the person and the character is gone now... a different Jap judges the event at regional finals and most likely at the Hong Kong finals. Maybe he resigned? hihi

As you can see in the photo... BAKUC was only part of the Expo, it is a major part of the expo but the event is not all about BAKUC unlike in regional finals.

BAKUC was the final part of the expo though and the event is capped by the awarding ceremony. That is me on top ( why didn't I get a haircut! ). The blonde handsome guy on my left is Matt Tomczek, the 6 foot 6 inch guy in maroon jacket beside Matt is Aor_or_die and the serious looking dude on my right side is Titanium. It is all our first time I think to participate in this event. Our good friend Rayloke was also part of this event.

Here are some photos of the entries back then... Sorry for I do not know all the names of the participants... This cool SD Red Astray is from HK I think?

One of my fav entries! This one is from Thailand?

The modeler of this kit is Gresco of Indonesia!

Rayloke's  Zaku head diorama! I always wanted this head but I do not have one until now.

Aor_or_die's entry! Cool stuff inspired from Toymaker's Kampfer...

Matt Tomczek's PG Strike entry which won as 2nd runner up!

Titanium's entry which won as 1st runner up! A perfect Zeong made extra perfect!

and my entry of course! :b I luckily won as the Grand Champion back then. hihi

and here are some kits done by Hong Kong master modelers...

The junior category entries!

Fast forward ( SFX )... 2 years after this cool event I am now unfortunately in the  Expert category, meaning I won't be allowed to participate in the Pro category and have a chance to go back to the World Championships at Hong Kong ever again! Oh well, it is also fun to just be an audience anyways. Again, goodluck to all the participants of this years BMKWC 2010 HK! 

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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