Thursday, December 16, 2010

MG DOM ver DC23 mag type wallpaper

click image to enlarge to 1600 x 1000

Just another Photoshop doodle in the office. This is basically one of my old builds that I have already sold to a client. I do not put Photoshop effects on my gallery photos to make the kits look good but rather reserve the cheating... I mean photoshoping in my wallpapers.

This was an entry in the mono eye GB at ZeroGunz and this is my most pla plated work thus far. I have veered away a bit to this kind of mindless pla plating mods as evident in my MG Sazabi, but I do miss this style a lot as only a few does these kinds of pla plattery madness. hihi  

Anyways, hope you like the wallpaper... feel free to use it if you like. Thanks!

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