Thursday, December 16, 2010

BEAR Acguy Group Build at MAC anyone???

Anyone interested in joining a fun Group Build of the 1/144 Bear Acguy??? I am thinking big for this guy, we could have a huge 50cm x 50cm x 50cm forest diorama or hangar diorama full of these cute 1/144 kits in different colors and styles. Just a fun GB that we could even submit as a GB entry come next year for BMKWC 2011.

I joined a couple of GBs at ZeroGunz already... I will do a MG MKII for the Femme Fatale GB by Beckylaw, a weathered Turn A head  and a bling bling clean build EVA kit for the Weathering versus Metallic GB of Phoon and Jeffho. And I have 2 MG Zeta international commission works...hehehe.... I do think I could still squeeze in a Bear Acguy GB in my schedule.

So is anyone interested in doing a fun Bear Acguy as a GB???
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