Monday, December 20, 2010

1/35 Gundam resin kit with feathers galore!

Just updating you guys on what could be the first Filipino made 1/35 Gundam resin kit. We met with the mastermind of the project, Alex A. aka Oceansean last night and we thought of the Gundam Wing Zero Custom as the perfect kit to work with. Needless to say, the WZC is the most popular Gundam here in the Philippines.

The Gundam Wing series was basically the first aired series of the Gundam franchise here in the Philippines. So as much as we would like to be Jap - like by claiming that we are die hard UC fans, most if not all were introduced to the Gundam franchise by watching the Endless Waltz series. Thus we find it fitting that the first ever Pinoy Filipino made Gundam 1/35 resin kit should be the Wing Gundam Zero Custom.

No concrete plans on the design, details and posing of the kit yet, though one thing is for sure... We could have a 1/35 Gundam resin kit with feathers galore! Hope we eventually pull this of! Wish us luck guys! :)
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