Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Action base ZEON ver.

Ello guys, while waiting for the client of my PG MKII I bought my first action base. I got myself a Zeon version for my MG Quebley that I snap fitted a while back. The MG Quebley just does not look good standing, I thought it would look a ton better in a flight pose. However I have no plans of creating a diorama  for it does I bought this.

The action base came in a not so nice packaging but is surprising better than I previously thought...I never bought one coz I love doing dios and bases for my kits, but I am running out of ideas so I do not want to produce good dios/bases for my practice builds. I will just do dios for commissions ( if the client wants one ) and for competition pieces. Anyways, here are some pics of the snap fitted action base Zeon ver.

The contents are the instruction sheet, 2 balck runners, the Zeon logo and two screws...

Snap fitted it for about 10 minutes and it looks better than expected...it is a bit small than what I imagined it though and you have to sand off a few mold marks in the black parts.

The base has a few locking systems which are nice and well thought off, but they are not that sturdy as one would like but is pretty much solid for its purpose.

Of course the bottom of the base is hollow...I wonder what I could do with it to give this some weight.

It came with a few supports for other kits as well...

The support for the groin part of the Quebley does not look solid but is pretty much sturdy when attached...simple but effective design.

This is now displayed on my table beside my laptop together with the PG MKII...I usually play with unpainted kits. hehehe

This is a really nice buy, I plan to buy a few others for my Sinanju and Kshatriya and maybe a transparent one just for photo shoots. It looks good and is relatively cheap for its quality. Plus I think you could always mod this to customize it much like what toymaker does to his bases.

Thanks for viewing!
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