Monday, April 5, 2010

PG Gundam MK-II WIP part 1 - snapfit

UPDATE 04-05-10 : snapfit

Ello guys, actually I did not snapfit this kit, I just got it today from the client. My first PG commission is the PG Zeta and this is just my second PG commission and I will work on this immediately after the AC White Glint commission. I will then have to bump off my personal project which is the 1/100 Seravee for a much later date. Commission works are have more money to buy just don't have the time to build them. hehehe

The client's instructions is a Hangar diorama for it and the color scheme should be in Titans colors. He also wants it weathered and of course my detailing treatment. I like the proportion of the kit, looks pretty solid and " macho ". I plan to give this kit some military like detailing, thicker pla plates than usual and more squarish shapes. The problem with the hangar dio is where to get the 1/60 figures as I told the client, hopefully we could get our hands on a bunch of figures for the diorama.

As usual I posted WIP threads at ZeroGunz, Plamo, Netmorks, fichtenfoo and for the first time at hobbyfanatics. I took a lot of pictures so that I have lots of before pics and could compare it after I have modded it, pardon the quality of the pics coz they are just quick snapshots just to show the bareness of the armor of the kit. Now here are some pics of the kit which has some panel lines and stickers on it oledi...

My client snap fitted it oledi...and the price on the box indicates that this was bought some time ago. he bought it for 9,000 Php and now this kit retails for somewhere around 7,000 Php only.

The shield looks really nice and unlike the MG ver2 of this kit, the yellow part is a separate part, no need to detail paint it. But I find it too bare though, so I will need to research on how to detail shields.

The beam sabers and the only figure  ( aside from the pilot ) that came with the kit, we will have to find some figures for the diorama.

Unlike most of the parts which are bare, the backpack looks a bit more complicated and has some nice details on it. of course will still detail this a bit further.

I like the chest a lot, it has some segments on it, much like my PG Zeta mods... I will add more segments to some of the armor parts of this kit.

My MG MK-II looks like an hguc at first glance but the proportion of the PG looks right...I mean unlike the PG Zeta which looks a bit fatter than what it should really be.

I will be showing more detail pics of this kit as I work on all PGs ( not sure ) it has some nice open hatch gimmicks which will look great in a hangar setting. Thanks for viewing! til next post! ;)

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