Monday, March 15, 2010

hguc Geara Zulu WIP part VI

UPDATE 03-15-10 : detail painting

Ello guys, just a quick update on the Geara Zulu build...I have been detail painting the kit with citadel paints. I used Citadel boltgun metal and skull white and a 00 brush. The citadel paints dries pretty quickly and has no brush strokes. I have yet to clean up some black enamel wash and also have yet to give the other parts the same wash. I will finish up the enamel wash and do decals soon. This will be the last update for this build...thanks for viewing. Now, here are a few quick snapshots of the parts with detail painting...

The mono eye was painted flat aluminum and was painted with  3 thin coats of Tamiya clear red...notice that I have yet to clean the enamel wash on the right part of the chest of the is still dirty. ;)

The top photo and the photo below shows that I hand brushed some black enamel paint over the cuffs that was painted with white acrylic paint earlier. I will then rub some cotton swabs dipped in Zippo lighter removing the black paint on the embossed areas as seen in the last pic below. ;)

I did the cuffs by painting the parts with Citadel skull white and sealed it with future...then I gave it lots of thin layers of flat black enamel, letting it dry around 10 minutes per layer. Then I rubbed a cotton swab soaked in Zippo lighter fluid lightly on the surface revealing the embossed pattern.

I still need to touch up some detail painting, do panel line wash on the other parts and put a few decals...and I also need to paint the base soon. I might do all of those tomorrow. I have to seal this first with future before continuing with the panel line wash and basically this will be done in a couple of days and will move on to the AC White Glint already. I am torn between leaving this build clean as it is or to weather it...oh well I might leave it plain and clean, playing it safe again.
Thanks for viewing! ;)

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