Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hguc Geara Zulu ver DC23

Ello guys, I just finished this hguc Geara Zulu, I got lazy and decided not to put decals anymore. This is basically a warm up build for the AC White Glint, to get accustomed to smaller parts after the PG Zeta build. I did not only get comfortable with the small parts I also got to practice detail painting the koto parts on the kit...honestly, this is my first time that I actually enjoyed working on such a small kit.

The base is temporary though, I plan to pair this with my hguc Kshatriya eventually and maybe also my hguc Unicorn. Anyways I had fun building this and I might do more hgucs more often. I'll be working on the AC White Glint starting tomorrow, so no Gundams for me for a while...but I will be back for more Gunpla, maybe create a super detailed one once I finished the AC coz I figured that I have not created a super modded kit and it is already March. now, here are some pics of this no fuzz warm up build...

Thanks for viewing! til' next post! ;)

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