Sunday, December 20, 2009

Toshiba Regza 37 inch HD LCD tv

Hello guys, remember when I was planning to get myself a PS3 and a HD tv for christmas? However due to my new addiction to blogging, I got myself a Macbook Pro and some wifi connection stuff, so I can roam inside the house anywhere without cables and have a nice internet connection....for blogging and Zero G of course. Anyways, I still bought an HD tv and got a Toshiba Regza 37 inch HD LCD has multiple connections at the back supporting all kinds of peripherals for audio and video inputs and outputs and its 37 inch of real state...lovely!

I also bought a wall mount for it and a very cheap DVD player with HDMI cable...I actually bought it a couple of days ago and got to test my mobile suit GUNDAM dvd...anyways here are a few pics...

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