Sunday, June 3, 2012

Green Canvas Illustration Contest entries

Green Canvas Illustration Contest photo

Finally my Green Canvas entry was uploaded at Facebook!

After a couple of days of waiting, my entry amongst other new entries was posted at Power Mac Center's Facebook page yesterday.

I had a lot of fun working on this project as it was my first time after a long time drawing and entering in a poster making illustration contest. NO photos were allowed but I did have a few references specially for the texturing of my entry. Had a bit of headache staring at the computer monitor for long periods of time but I guess it was worth it.

Not expecting to win anything with my entry as I think colorful, vibrant stuffs always wins in these type of competitions. I always like it dark and epic... definitely not contest material stuff. A couple of office mates also joined the digital illustration contest and I have images of our entries below. Mine is the Ent looking Face as usual... Can't get over my LOTR influence in all my art. Anyways more entries in the link below...

Green Earth by Eric Flordeliza photo

I am Forest by CJ SY photo

my Green canvas entry photo
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