Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my daughter Nicole broke her first 1/144 hg kit...

My daughter attempted to build her first 1/144 hg kit using a Gundam Age Normal kit. This kit she won at GBWC Philippines 2011 with her " Help Me " diorama back in November. My daughter Nico has already snapfitted around (5) 1/144 First Grade kits and around (4) SD kits todate, but it was her first time to build a high grade.

I left for a party and saw her finishing the head and torso parts at home the other day. When I got home she has packed everything back in the box. Apparently, she broke and accidentally cut the left shoulder peg for the arms as she basically thought it is was one of those pegs that you need to cut.

My daughter had fun building it and was amazed that he finished the torso and the head. But she told me that the parts are hard to disassemble whenever you make a mistake. I was afraid to teach her to cut the male pegs for easier dis-assembly and I guess my baby ( 8 years old ) can't handle a high grade kit just yet. Nicole then gave me this kit and I will repair the shoulder peg soon, might paint it alongside my MG Zeta Karaba.

I need to give her a couple more SD kits before trying to level up with high grades early next year ( 2012 ). Just can't describe in words how happy I am whenever my daughter plays with plastic, will make her enter in our 2012 Mecha Contest soon!

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