Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NeoGrade conversion MG EX-S by Matt Tomczek

NeoGrade conversion MG EX-S  by Matt Tomczek photo

I was checking out this masterpiece by my good friend Matt Tomczek and figured I'd share it to you as well. This is the 1/100 NeoGrade conversion of the MG EX-S Gundam and Matt told me that he will be shipping me ( from the US ) a resin head and gun as he has a spare. Thanks a ton man!

I could and will use the head for my DeepStriker project and will be using mostly Matt Tomczek's works as my reference the whole year. I will try to painstakingly scratch build the rest of the parts though but it is always good to have great photos of a great build in front of you. Matt also has a completed G System Deepstriker that I could reference to while working on my project. Glad to have great modeler friends around! lol

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