Thursday, October 6, 2011

Would you like these characters as 12 inch resin kits?

Hell Divers by Theo Stylianides photo

These insane concept designs are called HELL DIVERS and they were designed by Theo Stylianides.  Theo the creator and designer of these characters has agreed that we could reproduce his designs into full resin kits and we really need your responses ( comments & feedbacks ) on this project.

The plan is to reproduce these insane looking characters into 12 inch resin kit figures. All those details in 3D resin that will be waiting for you to paint and model. That is if we get enough feedback and customer demand. 

As yours truly is partnered with the manufacturer of these resin kits ( if ever ), these characters if pushed through as resin model kits will be exclusively available and distributed at my online hobby shop at very reasonable prices as always. 

Anyways, we are really seeking for your feedbacks and thumbs up if we are to push through with the project. Please do check out the photos and drop us a comment here, if you like these concept designs by Theo Stylianides reproduced in full 12 inch resin kit figures. Thank you in advance guys! :)

Thanks for dropping by! Looking forward to your responses. :)

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