Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We are SICK of Gundams Group Build!

Not really! Anyways after seeing a couple of Raymond Celeste aka rzero1's Junk Bots, One of our MAC forums admin Kriz thought of another Group Build for the forums. The  GAF - MAC Beargguy GB is still a go and we are still accepting participants, However this new Concept Mecha GB will have June as the deadline so this will finish a lot earlier.

This GB is anti-Gundam! I mean your unique kit bash, scrap build, scratch build creations should be your own design. Needless to say, ALL finished kits will be featured here in my blog and will have its own gallery in the my FEATURES and my GALLERY pages. Minimum requirements is as follows...
  • Clean or weathered finishing
  • Work in Progress thread in our MAC forums is a must
  • Materials can be anything from plastic, metals, rubber, parts from toys, other mecha series
  • Finished kit could be steam punk or streamlined as long as it does NOT look like Gundam
  • Concept MECH GB logo supplied in the forums should be used in all finished kit photos
  • Let your imagination loose!
Simple rules ey??? No fancy crap!... Just have fun and create your own scrap built mecha! Do NOT get left behind guys! Here is the link to the discussion thread in our MAC forums...

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